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Research In China Market Research Reports

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Ambarella's Intelligent Driving Business Analysis Report, 2022-2023
By Research In China
Ambarella was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in California, the US. Before 2014, Ambarella was the exclusive chip supplier of GoPro. Ambarella was listed on NASDAQ in 2012. When the sports camera market was saturated, Ambarella began to depl...
Jun 2023 $ 800
Analysis on Baidu's Intelligent Driving Business, 2022-2023
By Research In China
Baidu works on three autonomous driving development routes: Apollo Platform, Apollo Go (autonomous driving mobility service platform) and intelligent driving solutions. Apollo Platform In July 2017, Baidu announced the A...
Jun 2023 $ 1200
Bosch's Intelligent Cockpit Business Analysis Report, 2022-2023
By Research In China
Despite the chip shortage and the sluggish economy, Bosch's sales from all business divisions bucked the trend in 2022. Wherein, the Mobility Solutions, still the company's biggest division, sold EUR52.6 billion, jumping by 16% (12% adjusted for e...
Jun 2023 $ 1000
NXP's Intelligence Business Analysis Report, 2022-2023
By Research In China
In 2015, NXP acquired Freescale for USD11.8 billion, hereby becoming the largest automotive semiconductor vendor. Yet NXP's development progress has not always gone smoothly. In 2021, Infineon replaced NXP as the biggest automotive semiconductor v...
Jun 2023 $ 1000
Global and China Fixed-route Autonomous Vehicle Research Report, 2016
By Research In China
Frankly, there is still a long way to go to achieve autonomous driving on complicated urban roads. However, mature technologies and solutions are available for autonomous driving in a relatively closed environment or on fixed routes. Globa...
Sep 2016 $ 1200