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Research In China Market Research Reports

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Global and China Fixed-route Autonomous Vehicle Research Report, 2016
By Research In China
Frankly, there is still a long way to go to achieve autonomous driving on complicated urban roads. However, mature technologies and solutions are available for autonomous driving in a relatively closed environment or on fixed routes. Globa...
Sep 2016 $ 1200
Global and China Electrochromic Materials and Devices Industry Report, 2014-2018
By Research In China
Electrochromism is the phenomenon of optical properties (reflectivity, transmissivity, absorptivity) of materials changing color reversibly and steadily with the action of applied electric field. The optical device made from electrochromic materia...
Dec 2015 $ 1300
China Supercapacitor Industry Report, 2014-2020
By Research In China
A supercapacitor (SC), sometimes ultracapacitor, formerly electric double-layer capacitor (EDLC) is a high-capacity electrochemical element that accumulates energy by polarizing electrolyte. However, no chemical react happens in the reversible ene...
Jan 2015 $ 1400
Senyuan Group Low-speed Electric Vehicle Research Report, 2014
By Research In China
Senyuan Group plans to form low-speed EV capacity of 150,000 units up to 2015 by taking its low-speed EV and police and special vehicle enterprises like Benma, Hongma EV and Sanyuan Heavy Industry as platform. It is predicted that annual revenue w...
Dec 2014 $ 249
Harman In-Vehicle infotainment System Business Research Report, 2014
By Research In China
Harman is the largest vehicle audio manufacturer in the world. There are over 25 million units of vehicles equipped with Harman audio and infotainment systems worldwide. The company has more than 1,200 employees in China. Harman In...
Dec 2014 $ 299
CITIC GUOAN Mengguli Research Report, 2014
By Research In China
CITIC GUOAN Mengguli (MGL for short) mainly involves R & D, production and sales of lithium-ion secondary battery key materials and high-energy-density lithium secondary battery. At present, it is one of the largest manufacturers for LCO and L...
Dec 2014 $ 349
China Aviation Lithium Battery Co., Ltd. Research Report, 2014
By Research In China
China Aviation Lithium Battery Co., Ltd. (CALB) is a high-tech and new energy company with registered capital of RMB867 million and over 1600 employees. It is jointly invested and established by Aviation Industry Corporation of China and its affil...
Nov 2014 $ 299
Pioneer Vehicle Electronics Business Report, 2014
By Research In China
In September 2014, Pioneer said that for the purpose of specializing in vehicle electronics business, it would sell the DJ Audio Frequency Apparatus Segment to KKR, household AV Business to Onkyo, an audio equipment manufacturer. Pioneer Vehicle E...
Nov 2014 $ 249
BYD EV and Battery Business Report, 2014
By Research In China
BYD Company Co., LTD was established in 1995 with registered capital of RMB2.35 billion. It has been listed in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Main businesses include automobile, secondary lithium battery, energy storage and electric vehicle. BYD ...
Nov 2014 $ 399
China Textile and Apparel Production and Sales Statistics, 2013-2014
By Research In China
China textile & apparel industry has been in a transitional period of adjustment since 2013, featuring the following operating characteristics: Cotton purchasing and storage policy termination causes price decli...
Jul 2014 $ 399
Global and China Germanium Industry Report, 2013-2016
By Research In China
Germanium is a typical rare and dispersed element, associating with lignite, lead-zinc deposit and copper ore. Global proven recoverable deposits of germanium amount to 8,600 metal metric tons (MMT), which are mainly distributed in United States, ...
Jun 2014 $ 1400
Global and China Zirconium Industry Report, 2013-2016
By Research In China
Zirconium resources are highly concentrated across the globe. A overwhelming majority of zirconium ore reserves are in the hands of Austrilia and South Africa which made up 80.96% of the global total in 2013. In 2013, the gross reserves of zirconi...
Mar 2014 $ 1300
China Antimony Industry Report, 2013-2015
By Research In China
Since 2012, the global antimony price has been sluggish, mainly affected by the descending of antimony price in Europe. Nevertheless, from the perspective of antimony price tendency in China, since August 2013, although the overall transaction sit...
Sep 2013 $ 1200
Global and China Gypsum Board Industry Report, 2012-2013
By Research In China
Since 2006, China has issued a dozen of laws & regulations and policies on promoting new building materials. As a kind of ideal material to construct green building, the gypsum board can not only maximize housing functions to meet the specific...
Jul 2013 $ 1200
China Scroll Compressor Industry Report, 2013
By Research In China
Since 2003, benefiting from the rapid development of automotive industry and commercial air-conditioning industry, the demand for related general machinery such as compressor has grown fast. Scroll compressor as a new-type, energy and material sav...
Jun 2013 $ 1400
Global and China Zirconium Industry Report, 2012-2013
By Research In China
As the world’s largest consumer of zircon sand, China is heavily dependent on imports due to the domestic limited resources, which restricts the development of Chinese zirconium product industry.In 2012, China’s zircon sand (inc...
Mar 2013 $ 1250
Global and China Germanium Industry Report, 2012-2015
By Research In China
Germanium falls under the category of scattered metal and it is widely applied in hi-tech fields. With proved reserves of 8,600 MMT worldwide, germanium is mainly found in countries like America, China and Canada. In particular, germanium reserves...
Mar 2013 $ 1100
China Textile and Apparel Production & Sales Statistics, 2012
By Research In China
In 2012, China textile and apparel industry was in its transformation stage, leading to the slowdown of industrial growth. In the context, industrial players came under pressure from consumption upgrading. The following specifies operating charact...
Mar 2013 $ 399
Global and China Core Drill Industry Report, 2012-2015
By Research In China
In 2012, the global core drill market reached a plateau. And industrial players including Atlas Copco, Sandvik and Boart Longyear have been in a firm position to dominate the global market after a series of M&As, laying the foundation to becom...
Feb 2013 $ 1450
China Automotive Rubber Hose Industry Report, 2012-2015
By Research In China
Automotive rubber hose refers to the rubber hose installed in vehicles, used for transmission of a variety of liquids and gases (including fuel, lubricating oil, refrigerant, water, etc.), so as to ensure normal operation of the vehicle. Benefitin...
Oct 2012 $ 1400
Global and China Natural Rubber Industry Report, 2012
By Research In China
Natural rubber usually refers to the elastic solid substance via processing of natural rubber latex collected from Hevea brasiliensis. According to form, it can be divided into solid natural rubber (involving smoked rubber sheet, standard rubber, ...
Sep 2012 $ 1400
China Printer Market Report, 2012
By Research In China
After transitory resilience in 2010, the printer market in China experienced weak demand and a fall in output in 2011 and H1 2012 as a result of the economic slowdown. Chinese printer market was depressed in 2012, and its output dropped 6.5% year-...
Sep 2012 $ 1250
China Independent Clinical Laboratory Industry Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
The independent clinical laboratory industry starts late and is still in its infancy in China, featuring a limited market size of less than RMB2 billion at present which just accounts for 1%-2% of the total revenue of medical diagnosis. Additional...
Aug 2012 $ 1400
China Ceramic Industry Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
As China’s traditional competitive industry, ceramics ranks first worldwide in both annual output and export value. The mounting regulatory pressure on real estate market as well as the rising raw material and labor costs in China since 2011...
Aug 2012 $ 1400
China Tomato Products Industry Report, 2011-2012
By Research In China
Currently, there are mainly three tomato-producing clusters worldwide, i.e. U.S. California Valley, the Mediterranean Coast and China’s Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, etc., whose tomato production altogether accounts for roughly 85.0% of the wor...
Aug 2012 $ 1250