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Primary Intelligence Market Research Reports

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2016 State of Customer Experience
By Primary Intelligence
In our 2016 State of Customer Experience research, Primary Intelligence found that nearly 80 percent of B2B organizations have some type of Customer Experience program in place today. This is essentially unchanged since 2015 and demonstrates the o...
Jul 2016 $ 695
B2B Vendor Success
By Primary Intelligence
Introduction In the B2B Vendor Success study, Primary Intelligence analyzes eight criteria buyers use to judge overall vendor effectiveness in business to business (B2B) markets, including a firm’s reputation, experi...
Apr 2016 $ 750
B2B Buyer Loyalty
By Primary Intelligence
Introduction In our B2B Buyer Loyalty report, Primary Intelligence highlights the importance of leading indicators—product quality, recommendation likelihood, and future business—when understanding B2B buyer ex...
Mar 2016 $ 750
State of Win Loss 2015: How Companies are Leveraging Win Loss Findings to Better Understand Buyers and Increase Organizational Win Rates
By Primary Intelligence
In our annual State of Win Loss report, Primary Intelligence found that 84 percent of B2B organizations are conducting Win Loss programs in 2015, an increase from 76 percent of organizations who conducted Win Loss programs in 2014. Win Los...
Dec 2015 $ 695
The State of Customer Experience
By Primary Intelligence
Product Description Customer Experience (CX) has emerged as a hot topic over the past 12-to-18 months, as more organizations seek to understand the needs of their buyers. Although traditionally found in Business-to-Consume...
Oct 2015 $ 695
The State of Win Loss 2014
By Primary Intelligence
Win Loss Analysis has emerged over the last decade as a proven method to collect intelligence on your competition, buying experience, and product performance. But, what exactly "win loss analysis" means and how to implement it is still largely up ...
Jun 2015 $ 695