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Kalorama Information Market Research Reports

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Medical Device Markets in The Middle East
By Kalorama Information
Device makers are looking for fast-growing emerging markets for new sales opportunities. The Middle East, as demonstrated in this Kalorama study, offers a higher growth rate than the average for device markets in the world. This study concentrates...
May 2014 $ 995
Retail Clinics Market Overview and 2014 Survey Results
By Kalorama Information
Retail clinics are medical settings located in a retail store. They are not free standing and do not offer all medical services. Yet they provide an option for busy Americans seeking a convenient option for basic healthcare needs such as vaccinati...
Mar 2014 $ 750
The World Market for Cloud Computing in Healthcare (Saas, IaaS, PaaS, Other Cloud Markets, Healthcare IT Spending and Other Trends)
By Kalorama Information
Healthcare providers around the world are facing rising costs while they attempt to maintain or improve care. Healthcare information technology (HIT) is a key component of streamlining healthcare in a way that can provide benefits to those involve...
Sep 2013 $ 995