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IHL Services Market Research Reports

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Cloud POS - Why The Time Might Be Right
By IHL Services
It wasn’t all that long ago that when someone mentioned “the cloud” as an option for Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, those in the know would scoff and say, “It’s just not possible.” And quite frankly, the initial d...
Sep 2014 $ 1495
POS Software for Specialty Hard Goods
By IHL Services
The North American Specialty Hardgoods retail vertical includes some of the largest and most diverse retailers on the planet, who have the most complex POS transactions in all of retail. This 40 page market study delves deep into the POS Software ...
Jul 2014 $ 795
POS Software for Specialty Soft Goods
By IHL Services
The North American Specialty Softgoods retail vertical enjoys one of the most diverse and dynamic technical environments in all of retail. These retailers must not only serve their customers well, but must do so while appearing to be on the cuttin...
Jul 2014 $ 795
North American Self-Service Kiosks
By IHL Services
Transactions at Self-Service Kiosks are growing better than 7% per year in North America with transactions expected to grow past $1.0 Trillion per year through the devices by 2014. This study looks at arguably one of the more dynamic yet most diff...
Sep 2013 $ 995