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Today's main cybersecurity trends - Growth driven by AI, 5G and the growing ubiquity of the cloud and IoT
By iDate Research
In the space of a few years, cybersecurity has become a key part of companies’ strategies. As every part of their business is going digital, they have become increasingly vulnerable cyberattacks that can result in financial losses and a dama...
Jun 2020 $ 1100
High-Altitude Platform Station Systems - The long and uncertain road to the market of balloons and drones
By iDate Research
While much attention in recent years has been cast on the development of LEO satellite constellations to provide connectivity in remote or hard-to-serve areas, high-altitude platform station systems is an interesting concept that still needs to de...
Jan 2020 $ 1100
Omnichannel strategies in retail and telecom industries - Impact of digital on stores
By iDate Research
The report describes the concept of omnichannel and its major trends with a focus on retail and telecom industries. It presents key omnichannel initiatives implemented by retail and telecom companies and provides a benchmark of such initia...
Dec 2019 $ 1100
France's superfast access development programme - Public Initiative Networks Insight
By iDate Research
This report analyses France’s superfast access rollout policy. It details: The current scheme (goals, regulatory measures, financial support), the technologies employed and how it applies across the co...
Dec 2019 $ 550
Maritime 4.0 - Upscaled digitalisation is boosting appetite for connectivity
By iDate Research
This study presents an overview of the challenges and technological solutions for the digital transformation of the maritime frei...
Dec 2019 $ 1100
Vodafone IoT - Strategy and key verticals
By iDate Research
This report explores the Internet of Things (IoT) strategy of Vodafone, one of the world’s largest mobile telecom operators. It describes the Vodafone business- and consumer-oriented IoT offering and highlights their key preferences ...
Nov 2019 $ 550
Connected Cars - Outlook of the future of automotive technology
By iDate Research
Our report on connected cars describes the different applications and their level of adoption at present. It analyses the strategies of: OEMs (car manufacturers) Telecom operators Interne...
Oct 2019 $ 550
Iliad in Italy: One Year Later - How did the operator enter the Italian market and what are the initial results?
By iDate Research
This study starts by looking back at Iliad’s strategy in France through its subsidiary Free Mobile and describes the Italian market before Iliad’s entry. It then summarises the stages of Iliad’s entry into the Italian market and ...
Sep 2019 $ 1100
Internet access in South Africa – 9 innovative initiatives to promote ‘Internet for all’
By iDate Research
This report gives an overview of the Internet access market in South Africa today and of the numerous innovative approaches developed to catch up. Faced with high data prices, Internet access has failed to deliver its full promises in Sout...
Aug 2019 $ 550
5G in South Korea - Where success started for 5G
By iDate Research
All three of South Korea’s mobile operators – KT, SK Telecom and LG Uplus – have introduced the first national wide 5G consumer service in the world, in April 2019. Impressively, more than one million people have subscribed to a ...
Jul 2019 $ 550
Softbank - A disruptive player
By iDate Research
This study is an analysis of a telecom player with a strong innovative edge: SoftBank. It presents the traditional activity of the SoftBank Group Corp, and more importantly develops a vision of the SoftBank Vision Fund strategy, its place ...
Jun 2019 $ 550
Rakuten: a greenfield mobile operator – Can virtualisation really help a greenfield player?
By iDate Research
Rakuten is going to launch a fully virtualised 4G network in October this year and a 5G network in 2020. The network is expected to be more flexible, easier to maintain and upgrade. Building a totally new type of mobile network is ...
May 2019 $ 1100
IoT Platforms – Technology-centric offerings at the core of the Internet of Things
By iDate Research
This report explores technological innovations in the IoT platform business, encompassing five distinct categories: Infrastructure as a service Application enablement platforms (AEPs) IoT device ...
Apr 2019 $ 550
DAZN - The Netflix of Sport?
By iDate Research
A unique service for distributing sport programming, available only in streaming, DAZN is the brainchild of its founder, Leonard Blavatnik, the world’s 48th wealthiest person.This IDATE DigiWorld report describes the company&rsqu...
Apr 2019 $ 550
eSports - The spectacular rise of a social phenomenon
By iDate Research
eSports, the practice of playing video games competitively, attracts an audience of nearly 350 million people worldwide, mainly on the Web. In addition to considering the audience potential, this report analyses the social phenomenon at an...
Sep 2018 $ 1100
FTTx vendors - Strategies and market share
By iDate Research
This report analyses the FTTx market from the equipment suppliers' viewpoint. It delivers a market analysis, with particular focus on equipment suppliers' strategies around the world. It also provides market share estimates for PON...
Oct 2016 $ 1100