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Autelligence Market Research Reports

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Truck fuel efficiency: trends, challenges and emerging technologies
By Autelligence
Truck fuel efficiency is a key issue for truck manufacturers and suppliers, impacting all parts of heavy commercial vehicles and their operation. Growing oil demand has led to considerable volatility in fuel prices since the beginning of the 21st cen...
Jun 2018 $ 990
Automotive Lighting in Transition
By Autelligence
Automotive lighting continues to undergo a major technology transformation. It is adjusting to changing regulatory expectations, consumer preferences and manufacturer strategies. The study highlights the way the role of lighting in vehicle safety, ...
Jan 2018 $ 990
Cybersecurity in the connected car: technology, industry, and future
By Autelligence
Advanced connectivity, electronics and software are hallmarks of modern vehicles. A typical connected car contains up to 70 ECUs, and about 100 million lines of code. As vehicles expand in terms of technological complexity, they become an attractive ...
Mar 2017 $ 1280
Internet of Cars: from Disruption to Dominance
By Autelligence
While autonomous cars and V2X are making headlines, in-car connectivity is making waves in the market. Connectivity features are playing a growing role in consumer buying decisions, to the point that some are ready to postpone purchases to make sure ...
May 2016 $ 1280