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Video and Special-effects Startup Zync Render acquired by Google

Published :2014-08-27

Google announced that it has purchased Zync Render, as it steps up competition against Amazon.com. Zync Render is a service that makes easier for movie studios to render their visual effects in the cloud. This technology was used to render effects in movies such as Looper, the Star Trek Into Darkness.

Google will use this technology to make it easier for studios to use its Cloud Platform infrastructure to render their creations.

ZYNC, currently is optimized for work on Amazon’s EC2 service, however Google will now integrate it into its Cloud Platform. ZYNC states that its technology has been used to produce hundreds of commercials and more than a dozen feature films, for a total of 6.5 million core hours of rendering time.

According to Google, it typically takes a very powerful infrastructure to render the special effects in a movie. For this most studios have their own render farms. Those studios would only need a cloud service to sometimes burst their capacity to finish a job faster. However, others don’t have access to their own servers or else don’t want to deal with them and for them the cloud is the only way to render their effects.

Google says it will offer studios per-minute billing. However, the company has not disclosed its exact plans for this service. The ZYNC team believes that the scale and reliability of Google Cloud Platform will help them offer an even better service to their customers — which includes more scalability, more host packages and better pricing. Zync added that Google's Cloud Platform would help the startup offer better pricing.

Moving Zync's service to cloud service of Google, the startups’ Hollywood clients would be forced to switch from Amazon to Google.

Google purchased Stackdriver, a cloud monitoring service in May. However it allowed the cloud monitoring service to use competing cloud platforms, which also includes Amazon's cloud platforms.

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