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Smart Meters Market Driven By The Need To Reduce Electricity Wastage

Published :2017-04-19

Today, all we use in our daily life is getting smarter. Be it a mobile phone or a TV, these devices have advanced constantly and are constantly evolving. This has been the case with the meters too. Smart meters assure to renovate the energy market. They have been continuously upgraded to follow the smart trend. Smart meters provide a horde of profits, hence are getting commendation from governing bodies for their amplified disposition. Throughout the globe, governments are enterprising for the installation of smart meters in the upcoming years. In Britain, a company has been put on sale with a £1 billion price ahead of Whitehall’s striving £11 billion plan to install a smart energy meter in every home. Calvin Capital, which functions as Meter Fit, has already installed more than 6 million devices. Calvin is also one of the two companies that dictate the smart meter industry. The reason behind the increased fascination over smart meters is that they determine energy consumption precisely and they also permit remote meter reading and fraud detection.

The setting up of smart meters is the mutual major step harbored by numerous utilities in the effort to develop smart grid solutions. The disposition of smart meters is vital across the complete value chain. Nonetheless, utilities are engrossed on finding diverse benefits from the deployment of smart meters.

The smart meters are the next big thing in the energy conserving sector. There are numerous causes that are boosting the growth of the smart meters market. Predominantly, exhausting fossil fuels and escalating dependency on renewable energy sources is dictating the demand of smart meters. This is because smart meters are armed to keep a check on energy consumption and measure it in actual time. Furthermore, smart meters are well-found to manage and to reimburse for unanticipated electricity disruptions, which consequently, assist to develop customer contentment transforming into amplified lucrativeness for companies.

The intensifying installation of smart grids and swelling call for futuristic metering devices are certain substantial global trends that are administering motivation to the progress of the smart meters market. The major factors for this growing demand include - real-time data feeds, two-way communication between the service provider and the meter, monitoring of power quality, improved accurateness, and mechanized outage detection.

The increasing electricity requirement due to escalating economic growth and the amplitude of proficiency of smart meters is ministering their installation in the Asia Pacific region. In Asia Pacific, the intensifying influence of governing factors relating to smart meters presents favourable future for the installation of these devices. Predominantly, in China, considerable endeavors for advancing meters, distribution networks, and transmission systems are compelling the growth of the smart meters market. The Middle East, Africa and Latin America exhibit incredible potential for the implementation of smart meters. The growing economic development in these regions is contributing to an augmented acceptance of cutting-edge technology to safeguard energy security in the future.

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