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Rising Global Demand For Food To Drive The Global Crop Protection Chemicals Market

Published :2016-09-12

The extremely escalating population globally is challenging for enormous amounts of food. Consequently, the agricultural industry has perceived a considerable growth and is anticipated to endure this trend in the upcoming years. Therefore, it is vital to increase the agricultural yield and protect it from destructive organisms. The safety of crops turns out to be one of the most imperative tasks for the growers so as to satisfy the demand for food universally. Some of the chief types of crop protection chemicals used extensively across the world are Herbicides, Insecticides, and Fungicides.

The crop protection chemicals take care of handling weeds, plant diseases and pests which harm agricultural crops, forestry, field crops, vegetable crops, and fruit and horticulture crops. The global crop protection chemicals market size was 2,300.0 kilo tons in 2014 and is predictable to grow on account of swift population growth, requirement for high produce crops, and reduced cultivable land. Increasing alertness concerning ill-effects of adulterated food on health has led to a swelling demand for crop protection chemicals. Escalation in damaging species including nematodes weeds, and crop insects disturbing the growth of the harvests is projected to increase the market demand considerably. The market is expected to touch $90.09 billion by 2022.

Herbicides market was valued at $18.11 billion in 2014. They are broadly used owing to their characteristics of careful demolition of unwanted weeds leaving desired crops untouched. Furthermore, amassed obtainability of organic herbicides along with products displaying features close to natural plant hormones is predictable to boost growth.

Asia Pacific demand for insecticides was compelled by increasing practice of chemicals in developing economies including India and China. Climatic situations resultant in the existence of pests which unfavourably obstruct crop produce has led to a powerful demand for the product in the countries over the past few years and the tendency is expected to stay in the near future. The safeguard of crops can be done using these crop protection chemicals which keep them away from the destructive organisms. The cumulative yield on the basis of per unit labor using these chemicals have also backed extensively towards the development of the whole market. 

The enhanced relevance and the suppleness offered by the usage of crop protection chemicals are powering the growth of the universal market. Moreover, the upswing in the output and rise in per hector yield are some of the additional factors expected to augment the growth of the global crop protection chemicals market in the upcoming years. Besides, the eco-friendly and budding need for healthy food, minus the harmful organisms are estimated to boost the growth of the market in the near future.

Then again, the prohibition levied by the governing authorities, resistance of pets, and adversarial effects of chemicals on human health are some of the noticeable challenges for the market players. Nonetheless, the prominent players in this market are making efforts to overcome these trials and thrust the growth of the market in the coming years.


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