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Natural Alternative Sweeteners To Drive The Food And Beverages Industry

Published :2016-09-21

The sugar substitutes or sweeteners market is an essential fragment of the sugar industry. Sweeteners are in demand in the global market among the diabetic and those who are dieting. Rising alertness amongst people is predictable to boost the natural sweeteners market and also pose a challenge to the altered and artificial sweeteners’ demand like aspartame and corn sugar.

The global natural sweeteners market is projected to observe considerable growth in the coming years as a result of mounting demand for various varieties of alternatives such as high-intensity sweeteners, low-intensity sweeteners, and high-fructose syrup in the food and beverage, and healthcare business.

Mounting health apprehensions such as diabetes and obesity are propelling the population to shift to no or low-calorie alternatives and substitute for sugar. To gratify the craving for sweetness in food and drinks, the rising anxieties for health and genuineness in food is anticipated to fuel the market in the near future.

The demand for healthy, low-fat, low-sugar, and low-calorie food is swelling at a fast speed through many regions. This is prophesied to lift the demand for substitute sweeteners. Natural sweeteners are widespread in developed economies on a higher level due to high disposable earnings and increasing population. Nevertheless, in developing regions like Asia the demand is intensifying for natural sweeteners due to upward buyer per capita income and growing population. Additionally, the growing demand for natural sweeteners can also be credited to the usage of sugar alternatives in the personal and healthcare industries.

People have grown to be conscious about their health and therefore the consumption of diet drinks and low-sugar food and beverages is growing. This has boosted the demand for alternative sweeteners in the global market. The degree of obesity has amplified, which has produced many other health ailments. This has made individuals mindful of living a fit life. Diabetes has been a common health issue in many countries. Owing to the obtainability of many sugar-free drinks, fitness beverages, and drinks with substitute sweeteners, diabetic people are able to satisfy their taste buds. The escalating use of alternative sweeteners is likely to impel the market in the years to come.

Businesses operative in the F&B industry are engaged in engineering plant-based sweeteners that have low-calorie and low-fats. Bearing in mind the side effects of various sweeteners, many makers are taking pains to launch natural products. Research states that plant-based natural sweeteners are healthy as well as low in calorie. Fruit-based sweeteners are also trending in the global market throughout many regions. Records have revealed that fruit-based sweeteners are sweeter than conventional sweeteners and yet are low in calorie and fat counts. Efforts are being made by many companies functioning in the global food and beverages industry to launch such plant-based sweeteners, which is an additional factor estimated to bolster the global natural alternative sweeteners market.

Nevertheless, the production of sweeteners is pretty costly and accessibility of sugar in at low costs in the market is likely to deter the market growth. Furthermore, the flavour of few natural sweeteners such as Stevia is detested because of which it is not favoured by a lot of people. Technical development is likely to lessen the production cost of natural sweeteners which will, in turn, be accessible at lesser tariffs in the market.

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