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Multiple Health Benefits To Surge The Global Breakfast Cereals Market

Published :2016-12-06

Breakfast cereals, usually made from processed grains, make up for a major chunk of the daily breakfast these days. They can be eaten dry, hot, or cold. Breakfast cereals have generated a multibillion dollar market on the global platform. The global breakfast cereals market was priced at US$ 32.5 Billion in 2012, and the profits are estimated to reach US$ 43.2 Billion by the end of 2019. The market is slated to expand at a CAGR of 4.1% between 2013 and 2019.

Boxed breakfast cereals have been seeing huge acceptance in developing markets, as buyers increasingly favour packed, better food choices over old-fashioned, routine food for breakfast. Because of lesser calories and greater nutritive content, these breakfast cereals are the perfect breakfast alternative globally. With increasing consciousness about the prominence of healthy breakfast, the call for breakfast cereals is likely to undergo a major boost. Nutritional breakfast is being increasingly endorsed for physical vigour, lowering the possibility of chronic ailments, maintaining stable insulin and cholesterol levels, improving memory, and various other health benefits. Also, snowballing urbanization and budding number of convenience stores are projected to thrust the global breakfast cereals market.

Breakfast cereals are an imperative sector of the packaged food industry, and will carry on propelling as the parent market flourishes. Gluten-free cereals are growing in the market, particularly in North America and Europe. Additionally, whole grain cereals also make for a prevalent trend, casting an affirmative influence on the market growth. A huge number of inventive and flavored selections in breakfast cereals are expected to quicken the market growth, especially in the developing economies.

Presently, the global cereals market is motivated by the increased demand from emerging nations owing to the growing product suitability in these nations. The increasing population in Asia Pacific is anticipated to build a high demand for breakfast cereals and this will be an additional driving element for the market’s progress. Buyers in Asia Pacific are swapping their breakfast habits from usual dense foods to the healthy packaged breakfast cereals.

The accessibility of substitute breakfast selections is a key challenge for the global breakfast cereals market. There has been an amplified rivalry for breakfast cereals from old-fashioned breakfast foods such as toasts, eggs, fruits, and yogurt. Clients are gradually taking up packaged snack-breakfasts against cereal breakfast as it is handy and saves time. Also, customary breakfasts are debilitating the growth of the market. In China, there is a customary breakfast named congee, which is providing sturdy opposition to breakfast cereals. In India, people choose bread and other flour-based diets for breakfast.

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