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Medical and Healthcare Industry To Drive Global Bionics Market Owing To Scientific Developments

Published :2016-09-28

The global bionics market was priced at $7.96 billion in 2014, increasing at a CAGR of 13.2% from 2015 to 2021 to be valued at $20.49 billion in 2021.The global bionics market stems much of its progress from the scientific developments in the medical and healthcare sector. The growing occurrence of organ failure, propelled by the rise in the global elderly population is the significant powerful force behind the increasing demand for bionic devices globally. 

The bionics market is fired by key scientific developments in the healthcare industry, growing elderly population leading to upsurge in organ failure, escalating figures of accidents causing amputations and paralysis, and swelling solicitation of exoskeletons in the defense sector. Bionics as an alternative for robotics, developing health consciousness in developing economies, and increase in disposable income and healthcare spending in emerging economies are features that assure firm growth in the coming years. On the downside, high price of bionic devices hampers its acceptance in minimal-income regions and population groups, thus impeding the overall growth of the market. 

The bionics market is predictable to grow owing to their increasing wakefulness in the emergent economies. Additionally, developing nations such as India and China are likely to thrust the market for development in future. Moreover, the refining income levels are guaranteeing the consumption of these devices for an enhanced future. Likewise, the bionics is anticipated to be the alternative for robotics market in the coming years. The idea of evolving a completely operative artificial human being with the assistance bionic organs is being well-thought-out and this can substitute the robots in the near future.

Latin America, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East and America are the main regions of the global market for bionics. Amongst these, North America has developed as the market leader and is projected to continue leading over the next few years. The increasing use of bionics as an alternate for organ transplants in North America is expected to propel the regional market considerably in the years to come.

Asia Pacific is also observing a robust increase in the demand for bionics. The existence of a huge population base in Asian countries such as China, India, and Japan is expected to propel the market for bionics in this region. On the other hand, the bionics markets in Latin America and the Middle East and Africa is probable to experience modest growth in the years to come due to the high price of bionic devices.

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