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Global Tea Market Propelled By High Green And Black Tea Demands

Published :2017-03-21

Tea is the most popular beverages consumed globally. The biggest share of tea consumption is mostly local, in the country or region of production. The tea industry is characterized by a few corporations monitoring the comprehensive tea supply chain. 85% of the overall tea production is hawked by a limited number of corporations. The global tea industry is essentially led by India - the foremost maker and user of tea. India is narrowly trailed by China, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Indonesia in the production pyramid of nations.

In the worldwide beverages industry, the global tea market is ingenious and one of the strongest developing markets. Inconsistent standard of living, the budding predispositions to healthy food and beverages, various trends, and the accessibility of countless flavors are few of the features liable for the ever more growing international tea industry. 

The unveiling of lemon tea, ginger tea, green tea, and other assortments has heightened the evolution of the global tea market. Internationally, the intake of tea is bulging swiftly owed to the rising alertness of the many returns offered by the brew. Antioxidants existing in tea prevent arthritis, aid in curing cancer, restrict the threats of heart diseases, regulate blood pressure, and also help in boosting the bone density. The consumption of green tea is amplified amid the health-conscious multitudes - an additional component projected to motivate the global tea market in the forthcoming years. 

The requirement for crush, tear, and curl (CTC) tea is rising universally owing to its various profits. As green tea and black tea have cancer preventing elements, their demand will upsurge considerably. Currently, tea has turned out to be one of the most prevalent health drinks, available in several types and flavors. Owed to its cost-effective rate, availability, and huge benefits, tea has become a vital beverage. The accessibility of tea in mini-markets, supermarkets, shopping centers, and general stores is common. Furthermore, internet has favored in the direction of the development of the global tea industry - various online stores retail all kinds of tea, black tea, and green tea. 

The expediency of alternative beverages, however, remains the major challenge for the worldwide tea industry. Side effects of major tea consumption also appear to be one of the reasons limiting the development of the global market. Nevertheless, the introduction of innovative flavors from major companies will shove the global market. Foremost businesses like Tata Global Beverages Ltd., Twinings, and Unilever are absorbed on announcing more green tea selections in the international market.

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