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Biotechnology Market Research Reports

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Indian Diagnostic & Therapeutic Antibodies Market Report & Forecast: 2011-2016
By IMARC Group
Report SummaryAdvancements in antibody technology has revolutionized both the diagnostic and therapeutic sciences. As of today, monoclonal antibodies can be produced virtually against any antigen and they have transfor...
Jan 2012 $ 1000
Emerging Molecular Diagnostic Applications: Forensics, Paternity, Disease Susceptibility
By Venture Planning Group
The report presents an overview of the clinical significance and market needs for major forensic, paternity, disease susceptibility and other molecular diagnostic tests, as well as extensive listings of companies developing and marketing molecular...
Dec 2011 $ 850
World Molecular Diagnostics Market: Growth Opportunities, Business Expansion Strategies, Entry Barriers and Risks
By Venture Planning Group
The report identifies over 60 specific new product development opportunities for molecular diagnostic instruments, consumables, and auxiliary products; proposes “ideal” product models with tentative prices and operating characteristics...
Dec 2011 $ 850
Emerging Cancer Molecular Diagnostic Tests
By Venture Planning Group
The report presents an overview of the clinical significance and market needs for major tumor markers, as well as listings of companies developing and marketing molecular diagnostic technologies and products for cancer testing. ...
Dec 2011 $ 1450
Biosimilar/Follow-on Biologics Market Report & Forecast: A Focus on the US (2011-2020)
By IMARC Group
With sales worth US$ 57 Million in 2010, biosimilars are still far from their billion dollar sales potential that most analysts believe they will generate. This market, however, unlike small molecule generics, is expected to be more akin to a mara...
Oct 2011 $ 1200
Global Organic Cotton Market: An Analysis
By Koncept Analytics
Report SummaryOrganic cotton originates from organic agriculture and is grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pe...
Aug 2011 $ 750
Umbilical Cord Blood Banking Market Trends 2011
By Select Biosciences
This is the latest and most up-to-date Market Report from Select Biosciences addressing cord blood banking marketplace. In this report, we focus upon cord blood banking and provide quantitative market analysis of the space as it relates to the gro...
Jun 2011 $ 1430
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