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The Evolution of Operators' 'MyApp'

Table of Contents

The MNO Apps being used in Developing Markets
The MNO Apps being used in Developed Markets
Conclusions – The key trends in MNO Apps & additional services worldwide
Appendix 1 – A list of the MNOs included in this report
Appendix 2 - The currencies & exchange rates used in this report (converted into USD $1)

List of Figures

Figure 1 – A graphic showing the advantages of a digital channel to the MNO
Figure 2 – A chart showing the growth in Vodafone UK’s digital channels in per cent
Figure 3 – A table showing the targets for digital channel use as shown by Vodafone
Figure 4 – A picture showing the MyBL App – Bangalink, Bangladesh
Figure 5 – A screenshot showing the Bangalink Toffee App in the Apple AppStore – Bangladesh
Figure 6 – A picture showing a web advertisement for the MyGP App – Bangladesh
Figure 7 – A screenshot showing the MyRobi App – Bangladesh
Figure 8 – A picture showing the promotion for the MyOrange App – Orange Egypt
Figure 9 – A picture showing the Airtel Thanks App – Airtel India
Figure 10 – A picture showing the VI India promotion via the VI App – India
Figure 11 – A picture showing the MyTelkomsel App – Indonesia
Figure 12 – A picture showing the POIN Festival 2021 prizes available via the Telkomsel App – Indonesia
Figure 13 – A picture showing a web graphic of the MyXL App – XL Indonesia
Figure 14 – A picture showing the MiMovistar App – Movistar Mexico
Figure 15 – A picture showing the Mi Telcel App – Telcel Mexico
Figure 16 – A picture showing the Jazz World web advertisement – Pakistan
Figure 17 – A picture showing the Jazz Bazaar App – Pakistan
Figure 18 – A picture showing the features of the Telenor App – Pakistan
Figure 19 – A picture showing a screenshot of the New GlobeOne App – the Philippines
Figure 20 – A web picture showing the GigaLife App – Smart Communications, the Philippines
Figure 21 – A screenshot showing the Orange & Moi Senegal App – Senegal
Figure 22 – A picture showing the new MTN South Africa mobile App
Figure 23 – A schematic showing the Vodacom “Lifestyle Super App” showing the Consumer & Merchant propositions – South Africa
Figure 24 – A picture showing the current VodaPay Daily Deal available from the VodaPay App – South Africa
Figure 25 – A web advertisement for merchants to join the VodaPay App – South Africa
Figure 26 – A picture showing the iPhone screenshots for the VodaPay App on the Apple AppStore – South Africa
Figure 27 – A picture showing the MyProximus App – Belgium
Figure 28 – A picture showing the MyFootprint process provided via the MyProximus App
Figure 29 – A screenshot showing the MyOrange App – Orange Belgium
Figure 30 – A picture showing the SFR & Moi App – SFR France
Figure 31 – A picture showing the MeinO2 App (1st place) – Germany
Figure 32 – A picture showing the O2 Money App – Germany
Figure 33 – A picture showing the promotion for the MyMagenta App by Deutsche Telekom – Germany
Figure 34 – A picture showing the MijnKPN App – KPN, Netherlands
Figure 35 – A picture showing the MyEE App banner web advertisement – UK
Figure 36 – A picture showing the MyO2 App – UK
Figure 37 – A web banner advertising the MyAT&T App – USA
Figure 38 – A screenshot showing the MyAT&T App on the AppStore – USA
Figure 39 – A picture showing the MyTMobile App from the T-Mobile website – USA
Figure 40 – A picture showing a banner advertisement for the MyVerizon App – USA
Figure 41 – A picture showing the NFL Sports rewards programme available via the Verizon App – USA
Figure 42 – A table showing a list of MNOs included in this report
Figure 43 – A table showing the exchange rates used in this report (converted into USD $1)

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