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Silicon Valley disruptors: Impact of leading tech companies stifling disruptor development

Table of Contents
Overview 2
Catalyst 2
Summary 2
Disruptors struggle for attention amid copycat tactics from tech giants 6
Major players have little to lose in copying hopeful disruptors 6
Investors and startups are both struggling in predatory environment 7
Fears of copycat products from tech giants is hurting innovation 8
Big hitters are buying out startups before any disrupting can occur 9
Best route to success for startups is now to be acquired by a tech giant 9
Tech firms are buying companies to assess creating internal alternatives 10
Prospects for disuptors are diminishing in current business climate 12
Securing funding is becoming ever harder to achieve, hampering disruptor dreams of success 12
Some are beginning to leave Silicon Valley, raising fears over future prosperity as home to innovative disruptors 13
Leading players are copying one another, making it harder for new entrants 15
After Snap rebuffed being acquired, several companies raced to copy key features 15
Intensifying competition among major players is toughening life for startups 16
Breaking up major tech players would help rejuvinate innovative startups 18
Sharing data from tech giants would help disruptors become major entities in their own right 18
Regulating leading tech companies as utilities could help to develop disruptors, but political reality suggests otherwise 18
Conclusions 20
Power wielded by leading tech companies is harming hopeful disruptors 20
Appendix 21
Sources 21
Further Reading 21
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About MarketLine 22
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List of Figures
Figure 1: Facebook revenues, 2010 to 2017 ($bn) 6
Figure 2: Percentage of establishment entry into US economy 2000 to 2015 7
Figure 3: Instagram purchase by Facebook announced 9
Figure 4: WhatsApp 10
Figure 5: Cloudflare 12
Figure 6: Fattmerchant 13
Figure 7: Snapchat 15
Figure 8: Alphabet revenues ($bn) 2011 to 2017 16
Figure 9: George Soros 19
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