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Power Generation: Liquefied natural gas is changing global power generation

Table of Contents
Overview 2
Overview 2
Catalyst 2
Summary 2
Liquefied Natural Gas is changing global power generation 6
Spread of LNG opens gas to new markets, causing major shifts in power generation 6
Entry of China as major importer is helping expansion of LNG as a source of power generation 7
Expansion of LNG opens global power generation industry to fresh players 8
Creation of trading hubs improves supply security, aiding growth in usage 9
Demand for LNG is expanding, requiring fresh infrastructure investment 10
Rising demand reveals future of LNG in global power generation is becoming more secure 10
Infrastructure development must continue at speed if LNG potential is to be realized 11
Conclusion 13
Appendix 14
Further Reading 14
Ask the analyst 15
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Disclaimer 15

List of Tables
Table 1: Top 10 LNG exporters, 2016 9

List of Figures
Figure 1: South Korea energy consumption 2010 to 2016 (TWh) 6
Figure 2: China consumption of oil and gas (billions BOE) 2009 to 2016 7
Figure 3: Qatargas LNG facilities. 11
Figure 4: FSRU Independence, a Floating Storage Regasification Unit 12
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