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PESTLE Insights: Brazil - Macroeconomic Outlook Report

Table of Contents
List of Exhibits
Did you Know?
Country Highlights
Country Snapshot
PESTLE Insights
Political Landscape
Economic Landscape
Social Landscape
Technological Landscape
Legal Landscape
Environmental Landscape

List of Figures
Exhibit 1: Brazil's Performance in the Country Risk Analysis in Comparison to Latin America and the World
Exhibit 2: Performance Overview (Score: 1-100)
Exhibit 3: Broad Categories and Weights behind the Index
Exhibit 4: BOVESPA Index
Exhibit 5: Key Sectors Contribution to the Economy (2015-2022f)
Exhibit 6: Total FDI Inflow- Equity Capital (2010-2018), FDI By Sector (2018), And FDI By Country (2018)
Exhibit 7: Key Infrastructure Indicators
Exhibit 8: Real GDP and Household Consumption Growth Rate (2015-2022f)
Exhibit 9: Real GDP Growth Rate Comparison (2019e)
Exhibit 10: Export, Import and Trade Balance (2015-2022f)
Exhibit 11: Current Account Balance (2015-2022f)
Exhibit 12: Top Three Commodity Exports, % of Total Exports, 2015-2018
Exhibit 13: Oil Seeds and Oleaginous Fruits, % Share in World's Total, 2018
Exhibit 14: Interest Rates (December 2012-December 2019)
Exhibit 15: Exchange Rate and Inflation (2015-2022f)
Exhibit 16: Public Finance (2015-2022f)
Exhibit 17: General Government Debt (2015-2022f)
Exhibit 18: Employment/Unemployment (2015-2022f)
Exhibit 19: Average Annual Wages (2015-2022f)
Exhibit 20: Labour Cost Index (2015-2022f)
Exhibit 21: Rural/Urban Share of Total Population (1995,2005,2015,2025)
Exhibit 22: Age-group Share of Total Population (2005,2015,2025)
Exhibit 23: Gender Split (1995,2005,2015,2025)
Exhibit 24: Internet Users % of Total Population, Mobile Penetration Rate and Broadband Penetration Rate, 2018
Exhibit 25: Number of Patents Granted Per Million Population, 2018
Exhibit 26: High-Technology Exports (% of Manufactured Exports), 2018
Exhibit 27: Doing Business in Brazil 2020
Exhibit 28: Corruption Perception Index (Rankings) 2018
Exhibit 29: CO2 Emissions (2012-2017)
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