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iDate Research Market Research Reports

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eSports - The spectacular rise of a social phenomenon
By iDate Research
eSports, the practice of playing video games competitively, attracts an audience of nearly 350 million people worldwide, mainly on the Web. In addition to considering the audience potential, this report analyses the social phenomenon at an...
Sep 2018 $ 1100
FTTx vendors - Strategies and market share
By iDate Research
This report analyses the FTTx market from the equipment suppliers' viewpoint. It delivers a market analysis, with particular focus on equipment suppliers' strategies around the world. It also provides market share estimates for PON...
Oct 2016 $ 1100
FTTx services and pricing - Leading players' strategies and positioning
By iDate Research
This report provides case studies on a selection of telcos and cablecos that are leaders in the superfast access market. Each case study includes details on how the company is positioned on the technical front, i.e. SFB solutions employed,...
Oct 2015 $ 1100
The Gigabit Race - Fixed ultra-fast broadband networks: technologies, stakeholders and usage
By iDate Research
The Gigabit race is now a reality, especially in the United States where private sector players and local authorities are all getting involved in furthering the deployment of new generation infrastructure. Elsewhere in the world, Gigabit access is...
Sep 2015 $ 1100