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Global Synthetic Rubber Market Report: 2014 Edition

Table of Contents

1. Overview
1.1 Natural Rubber v/s Synthetic Rubber
1.2 Uses of Synthetic Rubber
1.3 Synthetic Rubber Production
1.4 Types of Synthetic Rubber
1.5 Supply Chain Management

2. Synthetic Rubber  Market Size    
2.1 Global Market
Production Growth
Consumption Growth
Capacity Addition
2.2 Regional Analysis
Regional Production by Volume
Regional Consumption by Volume
2.2.1 China
Capacity Growth
Capacity by Product
2.3 Segment Analysis
2.3.1 Polybutadiene Rubber
Capacity Growth
Capacity Addition
2.3.2 Styrene Butadiene Rubber
SBR Capacity Growth
ESBR Capacity Growth
ESBR Capacity Addition
SSBR Capacity Growth
SSBR Capacity Addition
2.4 Butadiene
Capacity Growth
Production Growth
Demand by End Market
Demand by Region

3. Market Dynamics    
3.1 Key Trends
3.1.1 Decline in Price
3.1.2 Natural vs Synthetic Rubber Stock to Use Ratio
3.1.3 Technological Advancements
3.1.4 Growth of Tire Industry
3.2 Issues & Challenges
3.2.1 Overcapacity
3.2.2 Decreased Availability of Synthetic Rubber
3.2.3 Rising Environmental Concerns

4. Competitive Landscape    
4.1 Financial Comparsion
4.2 Competition in Synthetic Rubber Segments
4.2.1 Polybutadiene Rubber (BR)
Top BR Producers
BR Market Share
4.2.2 Styrene Butadiene Rubber
Top ESBR Producers
ESBR Market Share
Top SSBR Producers
SSBR Market Share
4.3 Competition in Regional Markets
4.3.1 China

5. Company Profiles    
5.1 Lanxess
5.1.1 Business Overview
5.1.2 Financial Overview
5.1.3 Business Strategies
Expansion in Emerging Markets
Growth through Acquisitions
5.2 Good Year
5.2.1 Business Overview
5.2.2 Financial Overview
5.2.3 Business Strategies
Expansion through Innovation
Increasing Efficiency of Operations
5.3 KKPC (Kumho Petrochemical Co.)
5.3.1 Business Description
5.3.2 Financial Description
5.3.3 Business Strategies
Focus on Business Development
Expansion through Increased Productivity
5.4 Exxon Mobil Corp
5.4.1 Business Overview
5.4.2 Financial Overview
5.4.3 Business Strategies
Strategic Investments
Ceaseless R&D

6. Market Outlook    
6.1 Market Forecast
6.2 Forecast Methodology
6.2.1 Dependent and Independent Variables
6.2.2 Correlation Analysis
6.2.3 Regression Analysis

List of Tables

Properties of Different Synthetic Rubber Types
Financial Comparison of Key Players (2012)
Top BR Producer Globally (2013)
Top ESBR Producer Globally (2013)
Top SSBR Producer Globally (2013)
Global Synthetic Rubber Capacity Expansion (2010-2017)
World’s Top-10 Tire Maker’s Capacity Change in China (2012-2015)
Dependent & Independent Variables (2009–2013)
Correlation Matrix
Model Summary – Coefficient of Determination
Regression Coefficients Output

List of Charts

Production of Synthetic Rubber
Supply Chain of Natural and Synthetic Rubber
Global Synthetic Rubber Production (2007-2013)
Global Synthetic Rubber Consumption (2007-2013)
Global Quarterly Synthetic Rubber Production and Consumption (Q111-Q313)
Total Synthetic Rubber Capacity Addition (2008-2015E)
Regional Percentage Share of Synthetic Rubber Production (2012)
Synthetic Rubber Production by Region – by Volume (2012)
Regional Percentage Share of Synthetic Rubber Consumption (2012)
Synthetic Rubber Consumption by Region – by Volume (2012)
China’s Synthetic Rubber Capacity and Y-O-Y Growth (2008-2013)
China’s Synthetic Rubber Capacity by Product – By Volume (2012-2013)
Percentage Share of Synthetic Rubber Products in China (2013)
Global BR Capacity (2007-2015E)
Total Global BR Capacity Addition (2008-2015E)
Global SBR Capacity (2007-2015E)
Global SBR Share by Capacity (2013)
Global ESBR Capacity (2007-2015E)
Total Global ESBR Capacity Addition (2008-2015E)
Global SSBR Capacity (2007-2015E)
Total Global SSBR Capacity Addition (2008-2015E)
Butadiene: Global Demand Breakdown (2012)
Butadiene: Global Demand by Region (2012)
Butadiene Global Capacity (2007-2015E)
Butadiene Global Production (2007-2015E)
Synthetic Rubber Price (Q111-Q413)
Butadiene Prices (Q111-Q413)
Brent Crude Oil Prices (Q111-Q413)
Stock to Use Ratio (Q111-Q413)
Growth in Tire Industry (2009-2016)
BR Market Share by Production Capacity (2013)
ESBR Market Share by Production Capacity (2013)
SSBR Market Share by Production Capacity (2013)
Lanxess Revenue Share by Business Segment (2012)
Lanxess’s Revenue and Net Income (2008-2012)
Goodyear Revenue Share by Business Operating Segment (2013)
Goodyear’s Net Sales and Net Income (2009-2013)
KKPC Revenue Share by Business Segment (2013)
KKPC’s Revenue and Net Income (2009-2013)
ExxonMobil Net Income Share by Business Segment (2013)
ExxonMobil’s Revenue and Net Income (2009-2013)
Global Synthetic Rubber Consumption (2009-2017F)

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