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Wind Farms - Growing Market

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Wind energy total installed capacity has been growing with cagr of 24.4%.
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Technically, global wind energy can deliver 53,000TWh/year
Development of offshore wind energy

The total installed wind power capacity is expected to reach over 650 gw by 2020.
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Germany, Spain and the UK had the biggest volume of total installed capacity in Europe in 2012
Integration of wind power with the grid
Significant strengthening of China's leadership in the use of wind energy

The Wind Energy Industry Increases Employment And Minimalizes Marginal Cost Of Operation
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Other wind power advantages

Although Expensive, Wind Energy Production Will Increase
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Wind electricity will account for 20% of the total consumption in 2020.

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List of Tables

Table: Annual working hours of wind power plants in hours/year
Table: Marginal costs of influence of fuel's usage on external costs for society, economics and environment in Euro/MWh

List of Figures

Figure: Global growth of wind energy, installed capacity in GW
Figure: Predicted average electricity production cost in 2018 in $/MWh
Figure: Annual potential of renewable energy sources and its usage
Figure: The total installed capacity of wind energy in MW
Figure: The new installed capacity of wind energy in GW in 2012
Figure: The total installed capacity of wind energy in selected countries in GW
Figure: Approximate cost of producing electricity in 2012 (assuming Euro23/tone of CO2)

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